Frequently Asked Questions


The Darul Iftaa is committed to providing a rich and professional service to the general public. The following FAQ page is designed to make your online experience an enriching and educational one. You can always contact us to enquire about our services, courses, media rules, etc.


General Information


1. Where is the Darul Iftaa located?

2.  Where can I get the general contact details of the Darul Iftaa?

3. What services does the Darul Iftaa offer?

4. What is the mission of the Darul Iftaa?

5. Does the Darul Iftaa have information on Islamic Finance?

6. How do I follow the latest Darul Iftaa updates?

7. How can I donate to the Darul Iftaa?

8. How do I obtain the latest Darul Iftaa publications?

9. Where can I listen and download the Darul Iftaa audio recordings?


Studying at Darul Iftaa


1. What courses does the Darul Iftaa offer?

2. How do I apply to study at Darul Iftaa?

3. What are the facilities offered at the Darul Iftaa?

4. What are the admission requirements for international students wishing to apply?




1. How do I contact the Darul Iftaa media office?

2. How do I conduct a news report?

3. Can I conduct online news reports?

4. Where can I find the latest press releases?


Islamic Finance


1. How do I make my business Shariah Compliant?

2. Which Shariah products are certified by the Darul Iftaa?

3. What is the Shariah Compliant Business Campaign?

4. How do I follow the latest Islamic Finance News?

5. Are there any Shariah Compliance documents which I may adopt in my business?


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